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November 2017

Indiana YAM

November YAM Highlights

  • Arizona:  P.E.M.S. in the park where we share how we are doing physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  We read some quotes from different faiths about reasons to stay pure and then had a discussion about purity and dating and the Blessing.  Helped bring an different perspective to the matching and Blessing.
  • Bay Area: Good communication between both the CARP and Family Room. Consistency in programs is something to be proud of. Held our annual annual Thanksgiving workshop for the Middle Schoolers this year featured a Thanksgiving Feast which we never had before and had invited parents, other high schoolers, our pastor, and of course the Young Adults to join and dine together for the purpose a sense of community as well as the opportunity for the kids to connect with their elders in the community including the young Adults.
  • Belvedere: We had a "We are the Future" Forum, almost 30 young adults attended and we could really come to grips on what we want as a young adult community. We created 2 programs and a Facebook group. One of the programs is a weekly discussion group about taboo topics, how we can settle different opinions and yet still unite. The second program are trinities, that meet twice a month together and once a month all together for a fun time.
  • Indiana: We had two YAYAM events: our first biweekly night was quite the surprise. We had a wonderful older sister who talked about empowerment and how our interests and passion can lead to empowering ourselves and others. Later that night we had a great time with both our young adults and youth with a fun brother and sisters night. The next biweekly event was a two-day, post-Thanksgiving weekend - a newly founded tradition that we share with Ohio, Chicago, and now Michigan here in Indiana.
  • Los Angeles: Preparing for the YAM launch party
  • Maryland: On Children's day, we had a great young adult service where young adults were in charge of MCing, putting on the musical performance, and organizing the sermon. The sermon part was actually just having all the Sunday school classes come up and give a short lesson or presentation on what they've learned themselves.
  • Philadelphia: Our bi-weekly DP discussions continue to be a highlight!


October 2017
  • Kansas YAM
    Kansas: RECORD YAM ATTENDEES!!! We had a wonderful group of 15 young adults.  I gave the talk on genuine relationships, based on an experience I had with a patient at KU Med. Then we went to the Nature center across the road!
  • Chicago: Working on the educational themes for the events for young adults
  • Maryland: Putting together a video series event twice a month where we choose a current issue in the world, watch a couple videos from different perspectives on the issue, and then have a discussion on it! We've had a decent turnout both times this month with great discussion.
  • Philadelphia: We have seen continued investment into our biweekly DP study group. We have also begun to plan and host other fun events and outings (game nights, hikes, etc.).
  • Indiana: Support we received from the young adults in the community for our local Halloween party (10/28). Many came early in order to prepare the dishes while a smaller group assisted in the decorations. Overall, everyone had a wonderful time together as well as with the younger 2nd gen and the several guests that participated.
  • Arizona: Successful reboot of "College Open Discussion" this month. On October 29th, Tasnah Moyer visited our community to observe and meet with YAM leaders to discuss future plans. Thanks to True Mother, participants were treated to some free boba and ramen over at a local restaurant.  Shared our "PEMS" - standing for "Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual" describing our current state in our personal life. Check-ins are a great way to feel a sense of community to combat the isolated culture we experience entering adulthood. - Arizona
  • Los Angeles: Had our first meeting with Rev Yang and shared with him our proposal for young adult ministry
  • Bay Area: Setting up a biweekly IGNITE gathering which is a event from the Bay Area CARP inviting guests to talk and listen about DP based discussions, has been consistent and a successful. At the same time the now biweekly Family Room, an outlet for young adults to bond, run by Kaori and Alan Becker.,  One of the big highlight is how both groups are working together to attend each other's events.
  • Milwaukee: We hosted a "brunch with our pastor" where we talked about ways that youth team can take on more leadership roles and how we can support each other on various responsibilities, increase communication, and center on a goal to improve church. We also invited Tasnah to visit our community and get to know the youth team individually and personally. Then, she joined us for youth joint service at Lapham peak (state park).