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November Youth Ministry Highlights

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This November, youth ministries celebrated the holiday season with various Thanksgiving-themed festivities. The California and Virginia communities got into the spirit and gave back through service. Youth in Arizona showed thanks by creating gifts for loved ones. And in Nebraska, Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, and Arkansas, young people celebrated good food with their own Thanksgiving feasts.

In addition to food and thankfulness, youth ministries practiced the theme of “empowerment.” Wisconsin youth felt empowered to host a “Night of Elegance” in which they served dinner and played live music for the community. After learning about techniques for self-care, Maryland youth felt inspired to recharge. And in Missouri, participants were encouraged to practice a faith that felt true to them while exploring different God languages.

Amid sharing food and education about empowerment, our young Unificationists managed to have a ton of fun. Texas got creative with skits and a scavenger hunt. And in New York, youth had a blast during an epic, ongoing battle known as the “Color Wars.”

Thanks for a fantastic November! We wish you and your families very happy holidays.

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