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October Youth Ministry Highlights

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What does the word “inspire” mean to your community? This is the question that Kaeleigh Moffitt, National Youth Ministry Coordinator of Family Federation for World Peace and Unification (FFWPU), asked local youth pastors to answer in October. Throughout the month, communities rose to the challenge of answering this question, using their own approaches to uplift and encourage one another.

For some, that meant connecting to nature. The Kansas City and Omaha Youth Ministry found its muse during a camping trip in the great outdoors. While on their adventure, these young Midwesterners took time to reflect on questions that they had about God. “Nature is like an amplifier to the message God wants to convey to you,” said Gabriel Melgarejo and Aimi Asanuma, local youth pastors.

The Philadelphia Youth Ministry adopted a similar approach during a hike through the mountains. After taking time to appreciate God’s creation, young people from the city of brotherly love extended a Halloween Party-welcome to their friends from Maryland and Northern Virginia. Virginia took advantage of their trip to Pennsylvania by exploring Elfreth’s Alley, the oldest residential street in America. Before joining their neighbors, Maryland stopped by a local farm where they could pet animals and pick pumpkins.

In Chicago, youth ministry participants shared songs, pictures, and quotes that resonated with them personally. In St. Louis, young believers explored different ways of connecting to God and were challenged to discover their own unique “God Language.” Back on the east coast, the youth group in Elizabeth, New Jersey designed notebook covers with inspirational images to give to their peers. Some took the assignment more lightly than others. “It was a wonderful and funny experience [to see what each person did],” laughed Sun-Mee Atay of Elizabeth. Whether serious or silly, each youth pastor did an excellent job of bringing inspiration to our young Unificationists during the month of October.

What theme will November bring? Stay tuned to find out.

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