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“God Gave Us Feelings”

“God Gave Us Feelings”                                                                By: Leena Vincenz-Gavin AimsTo learn about the different feelings we can expressTo understand that God wants us to learn to love others. He loves us and wants us to be happy. MaterialsPaper platesCrayons4 books on feelings “When I’m Feeling- Sad, Scared, Angry, Happy”Print outs CrownsHave children find their name crown & sit down on …read more

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NURSERY CURRICULUM We’ve completed the first Unit of our curriculum “God Made the World for Us!” Since autumn, we’ve learned about: Creation, Day & Night, Water, Air, Flowers, Food, Animals, Colors, Seasons, Thanksgiving, St. Nick, Jesus, Christmas, Foundation Day & True Parents. We also worked hard on our Christmas Performance song “We Wish You a Merry …read more

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Nursery Lesson Guide

Nursery Lesson Guide Entrance Song Play song to signal “time for lesson!” kids w/teachers make a line & come over to lesson area & sit down. choose one:When the Saints Come Marching InAnts Go MarchingI’m In the Lord’s ArmyAll Aboard Sing a Song/Dance Together many to choose from CD. If kids are settled down & quiet already- …read more

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Nursery Rocking chair ÖEaselCd playerCD (burn a cd with good songs!)Printed Curriculum in zip loc baggies, with picture book, materials…etcBehavior Stop light? (thick cardboard circles- green, yellow, red… and clothes pines with names) Teach Expected Behavior Use same bell or song to signify start of lesson- all kids and teachers come over.During lesson time- it’s time to listen …read more

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St. Nicholas Nursery Lesson

St. Nicholas Nursery LessonPurpose:To tell the story of a Christian , whose model life inspires compassion and charityTo reveal the true identity of Santa Claus: St. NickTo focus on giving more than on receivingTo emphasize small treats and family funDiscuss: Who is Santa Clause? What do you like about him? Do you know where he …read more

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Thanksgiving Nursery Lesson

Thanksgiving Nursery Lesson Learning Objective: The children will think about what God has blessed them with abundantly.Learn to say please & thank you.The story of the pilgrims & IndiansGratitude for God, family and foodLearn about the symbol & meaning of the cornucopia. Read Aloud: Pass the Roles (We should say please and thank you” and be grateful for …read more

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