Aloha Leadership Workshop


Monday, December 28, 2015 - Thursday, December 31, 2015

(Optional participation in New Year midnight prayer with January 1st departure)


East Garden

New York,

For Whom

This workshop is geared towards youth ages 16-20 who would like to pursue a public calling in the future.

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The Aloha Leadership Workshop was originally created by True Mother in Hawaii as her personal investment in the young Unificationist generation. This year, we bring Hawaii to you at East Garden, a place that is also closely connected with the heart of True Parents. The Aloha Workshop provides an opportunity for the young leaders of our movement to expand True Parents’ tradition and be empowered in their public endeavors by giving them the tools and training to manifest their dreams.

The workshop will be led by three families who have been contributing to the church communities for years. They’ll be guiding participants in tradition-sharing activities and in learning more about True Parents’ vision. Participants will go home feeling that they’ve inherited a wealth of culture, inspiration and purpose.

While this is a unique opportunity for leadership training we are also limited on space. For that reason we require an application process for all youth who are interested in attending this workshop. Please register as soon as possible to guarantee your spot.

Event Fee


Scholarships are available for participants with high travel costs ($300+)

A 3-month payment plan is available for those who would like to pay in increments.

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Why should I come to this workshop?

The Aloha Leadership program is a program instituted by True Parents to help convey the love of our Heavenly Parent to the next generation. True Parents’ vision and tradition will be passed on with concrete takeaways in a program designed for young people to gain new insights upon every participation. Participants are considered to be the future Top Guns. At this workshop they will:

  • develop leadership abilities and gain hands-on experience and tools to further develop their leadership capacity
  • deepen their relationship with God and True Parents
  • see the area where True Parents spent a significant amount of time while in the USA
  • connect with our foundation through touring and studying where True Parents spent so many hours planning and investing
  • connect with other young people serious about investing in their communities

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is designed for young Unificationists ages 16-20 who are eager to find ways to serve their communities and gain the skills to do so. It is also a wonderful opportunity for those who are looking for a better understanding and connection to the heart of True Parents.

What will participants do at the workshop?

Activities include a tour of East Garden, studying at the spiritual training grounds of East Garden and Belvedere, praying at the Holy Ground and learning some key traditions of the Unification faith.

Who are the staff of this workshop?

The workshop is being led by three young families currently in leadership within the community who are actively trying to lead as families. The core staff includes the Currys (Vice President of FFWPU), the DeGoedes (National Director of the Blessed Family Ministry), the Moffitts (National Youth Pastor) and Gerry Servito (Professional Lecturer on Unification Thought and Divine Principle).

Why is the Aloha Workshop taking place at East Garden?

East Garden is a great place to expand the Aloha program. True Parents spent the majority of their time in America there, and it is the place where they set the foundation for the American Unification movement. This location provides the opportunity for a guided tour and praying at the places where True Parents often prayed.


Kaeleigh Moffitt