CARP’s 7-Day
Divine Principle Retreat
December 2017


Tuesday, December 26, 2017 - Monday, January 1, 2018


International Peace Education Center
6590 Bermuda Rd.
Las Vegas, Nevada 89119

For Whom

Any young adult age 18+ who has read through the Exposition of the Divine Principle and has a basic understanding of the Principle is welcome to come!


Theme: Discovering God’s heart and viewpoint through the study of the Divine Principle, God’s path through human history, and the exemplary lives of Rev. and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon.

Experience transformation through the Divine Principle. Learn how you can live a meaningful, God-centered life in your relationships and the wider community where you live, and gain the confidence to share God’s love and truth with others.



Covers food, lodging, and activities during the workshop. You are responsible to pay for your travel to Las Vegas.

(Please note: any trip add-ons to local attractions will be an additional cost.)




Who can I address questions to?

For any programming, schedule, or content questions, please contact Jennifer Pierce, program assistant for CARP America, at

For any logistical and administrative questions, please contact Mi Young Eaton, national education coordinator, at

When should I travel?

Please arrive at IPEC by 5 pm on December 26 for registration, dinner, and the opening ceremony.

You may depart any time after 10 am on January 1.

Can someone who is completely new to the Divine Principle attend this retreat?

It is best if attendees have read through the whole Divine Principle and have a basic understanding of the Principle under their belt before participating in a 7-day retreat.
You can contact Jennifer Pierce, CARP USA’s program assistant (, with details of your specific situation if you feel that you know someone who would greatly benefit from participating in this retreat.


Andrew Compton