4-Day True Love DP Seminar October-November

Experience transformation through Divine Principle intensive study, learn how to apply its teachings in daily life with real engagement in the world, and gain the confidence to share it with others. Participants will have the opportunity to explore God’s beautiful creation with a fishing outing on Lake Mead, and options to visit the Grand Canyon and see a Las Vegas show.


Friday, October 30, 2015 - Monday, November 2, 2015

6pm - 6pm


International Peace Education Center
6590 Bermuda Rd.
Las Vegas, Nevada

For Whom

Everyone age 18 and up are welcome.


The brand new International Peace Education Center is the perfect place to get inspired and recharged this fall. Experience spiritual rejuvenation with the Divine Principle and explore the natural wonders of the region at the upcoming 4-Day True Love Divine Principle Seminar from October 30 – November 2, 2015. 

At this seminar, participants will experience transformation through Divine Principle intensive study and gain clarity on the fundamentals of the Divine Principle and its most central theme—true love—and its application. Come and experience God’s word, God’s love, brothers and sisters, the energy of Las Vegas, and the beauty and majesty of God’s incredible creation. Participants who arrive Friday evening (by 6pm) will have the opportunity to see a Las Vegas show. The workshop will begin early Saturday morning and continue through Sunday, and participants have the option to visit the Grand Canyon on Monday, November 2. 

Fees include room and board at the International Peace Education Center. Space is limited to 20 participants, so sign up today!




What will be the educational content of this seminar?

We will be covering the fundamentals of the Divine Principle – without presenting every chapter. Emphasis will be on the realization of True Love, how it was lost, and how it was regained. Special attention will be given to the practice of true love, the role of Rev. and Mrs. Moon, and the Marriage Blessing.

What will the schedule be?

DRAFT SCHEDULE (subject to change)

Friday Oct 30

Afternoon:         Arrivals at the International Peace Education Center

6:00 pm             Dinner (with welcome remarks and introductions)

7:00                     Las Vegas Show

10:30                   Closing Meeting


Saturday Oct 31

6:00 am              Wake Up

7:00                     Session 1: Introduction

  • True Love – New Concept of Salvation
  • Origin of FFWPU, Rev Moon’s Calling
  • Historical Need for the Advancement of Truth (key points from Eschatology)

7:45                     Breakfast

8:45                     Session 2:  What is Love?:

  • God’s Existence
  • Dual Characteristics, Give & Receive Action, 4 position Foundation
  • Purpose of Creation
  • Finding my value through True Love

9:35                     Break

9:50                     Session 3: Love and Human Responsibility

  • The Growing Period
  • Love and Human Responsibility
  • The Spiritual World and Spiritual Growth

10:40                  Break and Group (Family) Meetings

11:20                   Session 4: How Love Was Lost

  • Original Sin
  • Interpreting the Story of Eden
  • Motivation and Process
  • Results of the Fall

12:10 pm           Lunch by Group (Family)

                            Ice Breaker Activity

2:00                   Session 5: How to Fix Humanity?

  • The Need for new Adam and Eve (Messiah) (Key Points from Christology)
  • Introduce the Blessing
  • Midway position and Human Responsibility
  • Foundation of Faith and Substance
  • Adam’s Family – God’s first attempt

2:50                   Depart for Fishing

                           Bag Dinner on the boat

8:00                  Refreshments, Q & A, Testimonies from the day

9:00                  Closing of the Day, and leader’s meeting


Sunday Nov. 1

6:00 am Wake Up

7:00 am Morning Activity

8:00                 Breakfast

9:00                 Session 6 Internal Guidance

  • Introduce “True Love” Activity

9:35                  Break

9:50                  Session 7: History to Jesus

  • Abraham’s Family
  • Abraham to Jesus
  • Jesus’ Course
  • The Victory of True Love through the cross – and need for 2nd Coming


10:40                Break (True Love Activity)

11:20                 Session 8: Parallels of History

  • History up to 1917
  • 2nd Coming – Why, How, When, Who

12:10 pm          Lunch


2:00 pm           Session 9: Last 400 years and the World Wars

  • Last 400 years
  • World Wars
  • Rev & Mrs Moon, why them? (summary of life course – man & woman of True Love)

2:50                   Break

3:10                   Session 10: Holy Wine and Blessing

  • Changing myself from death to life (key points from Resurrection)
  • Changing my parents (lineage)
  • Changing the world

4:00                   Break

4:20                   Conclusion

  • Testimonies from True Love activity
  • Testimonies from the seminar content
  • Reflection
  • Next Steps

5:10                    Go out to the Las Vegas strip to tour (gaming/bowling?) and Buffet Dinner

                           (Departure for Airport for some)

9:00                   Closing and Staff Meeting

Monday Nov. 2

5:00 am            Departure for Grand Canyon

6:00 pm            Be back at International Peace Center

How is this Seminar different from the 7-Day Seminar?

Besides the difference in length, the True Love DP Seminar will be not try to cover every chapter of the DP. It will be a great experience for those who are studying the Divine Principle as a beginner or for those who can’t get away for 7 Days. Also, because it is limited to 20 people it will be more personal.

Do I have to come for the entire program?

No, even if you arrive late on Friday and leave Sunday night, you will have a great experience.

What do I need to bring?

Bring comfortable clothing. Have something to wear for exercise, but for the seminar sessions dress in a respectful way.

It gets cold in the evening in the desert so you should bring a jacket to keep you warm when we go fishing.

It is not required, but if you have one, bring an Exposition of the Divine Principle

Notebook and pens

After arriving at the airport, how do I get to the International Peace Education Center?

When you arrive at the airport, take the shuttle to the Car Rental Center (it’s free). Phone Rev Compton (917-533-8262), and we will come pick you up. In case you prefer to take a taxi, the address is 6590 Bermuda Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89119


Andrew Compton