About Us

The Office of Business Investment and Asset Development was established in 2012 to manage the real estate portfolio of HSA-UWC and oversee its businesses to create a sustainable income for its ongoing operations.

We are known for our unique portfolio, leadership edge, and relentless pursuit of new opportunities that reflect our founder’s vision. Our team of industry leaders creatively examines ways to achieve excellent financial performance. Guided by our founding principles, we constantly strive to uphold and achieve the highest levels of stewardship and integrity.

The Founders, Reverend and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon established a vision to create a world family, wherein each person acknowledges not only the internal, innate human value and goodness of each human being, they also teach the value of the external, material world as the visible manifestation of  excellence and respect for all things. This vision is what drove the growth of each of our companies, and this vision is what will continue to drive us.

We believe in the great value of every individual’s unique abilities to make change. The spirit of OBIAD is to empower all personnel, on every level, to strive to be a leader in their field. Exceptional ideas about how to improve care and uses of our assets, including the physical environment,  and your community properties, are what make us great.