Budgeting Plan Guidelines

Suggested Budgeting Plan for HSA Property Purchase

– To be used to determine feasibility of taking on a new purchase.

Download printable budget plan here: Budgeting Plan for Property Purchase

  1. Study the Present state of your (local) Church:
    • Number or Congregation members:
    • Average Number of members participating on any given Sunday Service:
    • The Average amount of offerings per month:
    • How many events are currently organized per week?
    • How large does the main hall need to be to facilitate your congregation comfortably
    • Do you need auxiliary space such as Sunday school etc?
    • How many parking spots do you need?
    • Are the main facilities ADA accessible?
  2. Present state of the building to be purchased.
    • Size of the building
    • Estimate purchasing cost
    • Estimate renovation cost
    • Is there any rental income derived from this building?
  3. Detailed Budgeting plan for purchasing the building.
    • Please provide a detailed yearly budgeting plan for your state or district showing if financial impact of this purchase.
    • What percentage (or dollar amount) of your State or District budget will be reserved for property maintenance? This amount will be wired monthly to a separate designated account to prevent a buildup of deferred maintenance due to insufficient funds.
    • Are there any Proceeds from the sale of a building?
  4. Oversight and maintaining value and maintenance standards at the building following the purchase
    • Who will be in charge of the building and its use on a daily bases? This person will be the contact person with local authorities and HSA HQ Property management Department.
    • Who is responsible for taking care of any maintenance issues of the building?