OBIAD Property Guidelines

Download PDF here: OBIAD Property Guidelines


All property related transactions or renovations over $10,000, must be approved by OBIAD before any contracts or agreements are signed. Please contact our office at the first thought of any new purposes or uses of any HSA property. We are here to help.

  1. Building Committee – Each state/city should have a Building Committee that can discuss and understand the issues concerning the building use, repair and the maintenance. One person from this committee should be responsible to report to OBIAD.
  2. Property Manager – One person from the local community should be responsible for each property. This person would be the contact person for OBIAD and for the local church Building Committee on questions concerning the property. This person will oversee all maintenance and repairs.
  3. Finance / Budget – The Building Committee should set a property budget each year. A budget around 3-5% of the property value should be sufficient (e.g. $300,000 property should budget $12,000 for maintenance). If the community’s resources are not enough to support this, than the committee should make a building fund, so there is always money for repairs. The committee should make 1-year, 5-year and 10-year plans on how to come up with the resources for maintenance.
  4. Maintenance Planning – Make a 1-year, 5-year and 10-year plan for renovations and maintenance needed for the building together with the projected cost. This will help create a clear path and oversight on what is to be expected.
  5. Best USE – Evaluate the use of each space for effectiveness. If space is empty or underutilized, see what can be done differently to make it more productive. Consider renting to increase revenues.
  6. Tenants Guidelines – Many of our properties are not used by the local community and rent to tenants. OBIAD must approve all tenants and leases. Clear guidelines must be set for tenants of our properties stating what they can and cannot do, and if applicable, explaining the building’s relationship and usage as a church.
  7. Reporting – Regular reporting must be submitted to OBIAD as requested. This should include the current state, financials and any planned capital improvements to the property.

Proposed Best Uses for Properties

The Office of Business Investment and Asset Development, OBIAD, would like to help each of our communities develop a comprehensive plan for maintaining and expanding the uses of all of the precious assets which True Parents have developed over the last forty plus years in America. OBIAD encourages each community to seriously investigate other possibilities for each property, as there may be better uses than in its current state. One of the main focuses should be the possibilities to generate income and more community involvement.

As of now our properties tend to consist of these six property types:

  • Church Building
  • Witnessing Education Facility
  • Retreat Center
  • Missionary or Pastor Parsonage
  • Rental Property leased to tenants
  • Vacant Land/Lot.

Action Steps

  • Create a building committee with one property manager.
  • Evaluate the space available at each property on a daily/weekly basis. There are many church buildings that only have service on Sundays and sit vacant 70%-80% of the week. During that time, these spaces can be leased to non-profit groups.
  • Charter Schools – Consider the possibly of starting or renting out space to charter schools. Many of our young Unificationists are pursuing education degrees in the field of elementary and secondary education. This is a prime concern in most of the areas that we have church members and property.
  • If you have a missionary center or parsonage, determine the fair market rent and be sure you are charging market rate. This money should be used for investment into improvements of the property.
  • If the centers have vacant rooms, research zoning regulations and determine how many units/persons can be housed there. Consider student housing or other housing possibilities.

Our church properties are the physical representation of True Parents foundation. Improving property standards can only be possible by following good management practices. We expect all properties to be fully utilized either for church activities or to generate funds for improvements to the building allowing for expansion and growth.