Renovation Procedure

Download Here: Procedure for Property Renovations

Our goal at OBIAD is to help bring each of our properties up to a standard of excellence to appropriately represent True Parents’ work and foundation in America. To accomplish this, we usually need to go outside of our FFWPU/HSAUWC membership to find qualified persons to make inspections, assessments, appraisals and hire contractors. Many of our properties were purchased several decades ago and have not had proper care, maintenance and repairs. This is not acceptable and we offer these procedures to help.

Action Steps:

  • Building committee and / or property manager should perform a full evaluation of all properties within their appropriate area.
  • Determine a priority list from high to low. Example of highest being those with safety concerns, zoning violations, water damage including mold and other hazardous materials.
  • Report evaluation in writing to OBIAD office with cc to District Pastor.
  • Property manager obtain 2-3 estimates and designs from qualified contractors for renovation work needed.
  • Discuss the estimates and designs with Building Committee and District Pastor.
  • If estimates are over $10,000, submit final recommendations to OBIAD for approval.