Friends of Faith

Points to Ponder:

The journey of faith, of growing our relationships with God, with True Parents, and with ourselves can sometimes feel like a solo journey, something we do on an individual level.  However, in the quotes below, Father encourages the value and importance of having friends of faith.  Of building friendships that center around a mutual commitment to support and encourage each other to grow together in your faith.

Sometimes it may be a lot easier to connect with friends over common hobbies, activities, school, or work.  And we may hesitate to reach out on a faith basis because we’re not sure how they may respond.  However, if we take that intentional step to find (or pray to find) the people in our lives who also want to grow and develop their lives of faith, and connect and support each other, the more free we feel to make faith a priority in our own lives.

Discussion Questions:

  • Why do you think such a friendship is valuable?
  • Have you experienced such a friendship in your life?  If so, what was its impact?


“We need companions in our life of faith.  People without companions are lonely people.   Those who have companions can support and protect each other.  They can find ways to overcome the challenges that arise in their life.  Those with no companions have to resolve by themselves any problems that crop up.  But this is truly a challenging task; problems assail us from every direction and we become unable to make it on our own.” – CSG 803

“Become bosom friends with your fellow-students. Share your hopes and dreams. Sustain and strengthen each other in your times of doubt or difficulty.  When you create a spiritual and intellectual atmosphere around you, you will experience great joy and be filled with dynamic power. That is the kingdom you can have now and create for others wherever you go even when you have to struggle alone.” – True Father to seminary students at UTS, circa 1977

“In the way of faith, we need true companions of faith. When they can help each other, love each other, and radiate great beauty, thus becoming a source of pride among those around them, the Will of Heaven will automatically multiply.” – The Way of God’s Will, On Faith

“I was still a child, but I felt that I wanted to be a friend to everybody.  In fact, I wanted to be more than just friends; I wanted to have a relationship where we could share our deepest hearts.” – As A Peace Loving Global Citizen

“Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing.” -1 Thessalonians 5:11


This week, we invite you to share one reflection/experience/insight about your life of faith (maybe something that’s come up during the last few weeks of mentoring) with a friend.  🙂


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