Points to Ponder:

What makes someone wise?  Wisdom comes from having gone through experiences rather than just intellectually understanding something.  But are all people who have had many experiences wise?

On top of having the experience, the quality of thinking surrounding the experience determines the wisdom gained.  One digests the experience by reflecting on your attitudes, actions, and outcomes: “I did this… And this is what happened.  Do I like the result? If yes, how can I continue this?  If not, then it’s wise not to to do it again.”  

It’s a valuable habit to cultivate the practice of reflecting on our experiences, rather than just going through life and not always taking the time to internalize things.  Even with life of faith habits – I can read God’s word, pray, and set conditions all the time, but if I don’t take the time to internalize, the growth that happens is limited.   Even if what we experience isn’t always happy or easy to face, if I reflect well and digest the lessons God is trying to teach me, then I can grow, and cultivate true wisdom.  This quiet and intentional time is often where the deepest insights and realizations come.

Reflection can take many forms.  For some, writing is a helpful way of processing and digesting.  For others, meditating, asking someone to listen, going for a walk and praying/talking out loud, writing poetry or painting.

Discussion Questions:

  • What form does reflection usually take for you?
  • Do you have any helpful suggestions or experiences of how to reflect on a more consistent basis?


“…Therefore, in your life of faith you should not just let the grace you received in the past slip by.  As you walk the path of faith, you will encounter lax times without realizing it.  When that occurs, you can deal with the present reality by taking your past life of faith as your subject partner.  Read again diaries you wrote in the past, or reflect on what you experienced during your prayers when your life was filled with grace.  You need to revive the heart you had at that time, and repeat what you did back then.  Then you can make a resolution with a motivation even greater than you had in the past.” – CSG 991

“Self reflection is most important, but if you fall into despair thinking of what you have done in the past, you miss the point. Through self reflection you must be encouraged to do more than you did in the past.” – TF, Self Reflection

“Since God is our [Parent] He knows best where you should be and leads you to the place of joy and fulfillment.” – TF

“In the life of faith, we must not fix our glance on what is happening only at the moment, but look far off into the future, toward the goal where God is hailing us.” -TF, Challenge and Victory


This week, we invite you to take 15 minutes and give yourself some “me” time to reflect on the last few weeks.  Make a cup of tea, grab a journal, and find your favorite corner.  Or grab a sweater, leave your phone behind, and take a stroll outside.

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