Setting Good Conditions

Points to Ponder:

As God’s children, we’re each given the freedom, responsibility, and trust to co-create our lives.  Thus, our daily actions or inactions have a powerful influence on the development of our character, faith, relationships, and lives.

Sometimes we may feel a “0” level connection to God and True Parents, or we feel “0” inspiration or motivation to work on our life of faith.  However, in order for God to work in our lives, we have to do something; He can’t help us without a condition. The habits of a life of faith are powerful conditions that God can work through; they are our 5% portion of responsibility and create a common base for God to work in our lives..  You might have experienced periods where you prayed, studied, and reflected consistently, and felt a sense of clarity, guidance, and peace.  Similarly, the times when we grew lax in our commitment to those daily habits, we may observe experiencing greater stress, frustration, or lethargic apathy. Wherever you may find yourself right now, the good news is that you can always choose to do something today that will move you towards re-connecting/connecting more deeply.

Discussion Questions:

  • Having you noticed the positive effects good conditions have on your life?
  • What are some helpful and empowering conditions you’ve practiced in your own life?
  • What has helped you be consistent about setting good conditions?


“In our lives of faith, there is the communal life of faith and the individual life of faith. In the communal life of faith, it is possible to receive shared grace, but it is difficult to receive personal grace. In order to receive personal grace, we must lead a life that is close to God. Accordingly, our devout prayers and constant daily efforts to come closer to God lead to greater depth of faith.” – CSG 797

“Indemnity conditions must be set by a man, not by God. If a person is sick, he must take medication in order to recover, even if the medicine tastes bitter and he does not like it. Setting indemnity conditions is difficult, like taking bitter medicine. However, unless indemnity conditions are set, restoration can never be accomplished. Indemnity means going the route opposite to the Fall. It means going the reverse way.” -CSG 1209

“Unless we become good people of God, we cannot hope to form families God desires. Furthermore, unless we become good families of God, we cannot hope for a good nation or a good world. Therefore, the biggest issue for each of us is how to find the solution within ourselves. The mind and body relationship thus becomes the dividing line.” – CSG 828

Action Step:

One suggestion for this week is to set a condition (either one together with your mentor/mentee or individually).  You could continue one of the habits we’ve already touched on in the last few weeks, pick something you’ve done before that’s helped you, or try something new that might have come up in this week’s conversation.  Try incorporating this action, attitude, or habit into some part of each day this week.  Share your experiences with a friend!

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