Has Been Upgraded!

newsite We have upgraded the website to a new platform and are in the process of migrating content from the old (archived) site onto the new site. The upgraded site has these new features: In Memoriam The Blessing... Read more

Tribal Messiahship Through Chaplaincy

Selig William Selig, chaplain resident at the Medstar Washington Hospital in Washington, D.C. and Unificationist, is a member of the spiritual care team that provides support to patients, family members and hospital staff. ... Read more

Breaking Through in Outreach

This week, we celebrate recent and upcoming events that reflect our community’s efforts to reach out to new people to share our faith and teachings. This Saturday evening, True Mother's worldwide service will be... Read more

True Father’s Life Course Taught in Chicago

IMG_7386_s2 As a finale to the local commemoration of the second anniversary of True Father’s Seonghwa (Ascension), the Chicago Family Church hosted a special one-day workshop on Saturday, October 4, 2014, about True Father's... Read more

Happy 26th Blessing Anniversary 6,500 Couples!

congratsblessing Our Blessing and Family Ministry wishes to say a big Happy Anniversary to all Unificationists who participated in the 6,500 Couples Holy Marriage Blessing in 1988. This Marriage Blessing Ceremony was the ninth... Read more

Halloween: An Opportunity to Reach Out

halloween1 We are always on the look-out for ways to connect with our neighbors and surrounding communities. Holidays present a great opportunity to go out as a family and create new relationships with people right on your street!... Read more

The Logic of Love: Let’s Ask New York

dpkid “What do you think about love? What does it take to make it work? What are your thoughts on True Mother’s words on the logic of love?” As with last week’s topic of forgiveness, we hit the streets of New York... Read more

Women Make Strides in History

twih261 This week in history, True Mother makes her first public appearance in the states after True Father's Seonghwa, the Peace Queen Cup inaugural tournament is held, the Cheongshim Peace World Center has its groundbreaking... Read more

Co-creating Our Life with God

dpshin The Divine Principle explains that we are meant to inherit God’s creative nature and become co-creators. God gave us the great gift of freedom to choose what we do and the opportunity to do it with our Heavenly... Read more

Brunch at the Garden

East Garden_16x9 There will be a brunch on Saturday, November 1, 2014 at East Garden where over 80 young adult Unificationists will gather to discuss their concerns and hopes for the community and find ways to get... Read more