Happy Blessing Anniversary!

anniversary123 1982 was a significant year for the Holy Marriage Blessing, with the 6,000-Couple Blessing held in Seoul, Korea and the 2,075-Couple Blessing held in Madison Square Garden. This video was created two years ago for the... Read more

How Do You Want to Impact the World?

columbus day16x9 (1) Today we are celebrating Columbus Day. Every time an American holiday comes along, we think about what has been done throughout history to make America the great nation that she is. What can you do on a daily basis to... Read more

Prayer Request: Update On Morrow Willis

prayer-request Since this prayer request has gone up, we have learned that Morrow has contracted a serious infection called C. diff, which is a bacterial problem caused when the intestinal bacteria are imbalanced, in this case, due... Read more

Unificationists in Kansas Share Food and Faith

kansasthumb Unificationists in Kansas gathered with guests of various faiths for a unique program on Sunday, October 5, at the Kansas City Family Church. “Food and Thought – an Interfaith and Intercultural Conversation” is a... Read more

The Road From Injustice to Blessings

twih121818 This week in history: October 12-18 True Father is released from the Heungnam Labor Camp. The 6,000-Couple Holy Marriage Blessing is held in Seoul. The first Cosmic Blessing Ceremony is held. True Father is unjustly... Read more

Boston Gets to Know True Father

bostonevent The Boston Family Church was filled to the brim last Saturday for a special event organized by Mrs. Hiroko Hiroi and her Evangelical Team, with special support from the Worcester Family Church and Faith Fusion in... Read more

Carrying On the Spirit of True Parents

Dr. Ki Hoon Kim, Continental Director of the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification (FFWPU North America) delivered the Sunday Service sermon on October 12 at the Las Vegas Family Church. He spoke on True... Read more

The Latest Issue of True Peace Magazine is Out!

truepeacemag IPeace TV has released its October issue of True Peace magazine, a monthly electronic publication that highlights True Parents’ words—past and present—as well as recent events and regional news. This month True... Read more

Our Heavenly Parent is Moving

We are right in the middle of the harvest months, and though the winter and holiday season are still a ways away, we look forward to closing the year by welcoming new things, such as the fresh-off-the-press Cheong Seong... Read more

A Delightful and Inspiring Read, No Caveats

feveredland Review by Bob Selle of A Fevered Land by Dennis Morrow (Dog Ear Publishing, 192 pages)Bob Selle, a 41-year veteran of the Unification movement, is an independent writer and editor who lives and works in the Washington,... Read more