America, It’s Time

After a successful Peace Starts with Me Unity Festival on June 22 at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas, a Victory Celebration took place at IPEC on Sunday, June 23, with the main hall overflowing with... Read more

Beyond Barriers: Unity Festival

June 22 has finally arrived and the Peace Starts With Me Unity Festival lived up to its hype. Thousands of guests gathered in the Marquee Ballroom at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas to join together for... Read more

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"This has changed our community," says a member who already gave $5,000. "It's given a chance for everyone to come together and work towards something - do you know how hard that is sometimes? I gave $5,000... Read more

Il Shim Graduation in Arkansas

A graduation ceremony was held for five Il Shim participants in Little Rock, Arkansas on Sunday, June 9. Over the past several months, they spent many hours after Sunday service studying Il Shim... Read more