A Joyful Christmas Celebration with True Parents

christmaswithtpsunday Over a thousand people answered True Mother’s invitation to come to Las Vegas and celebrate Christmas with her today, December 21, 2014. Everyone was so excited to see True Mother this morning, as she was excited... Read more

True Mother Addresses ACLC Clergy

christmaswithtpaclc True Mother addressed the American Clergy Leadership Conference (ACLC) today at the National Convocation. During her address, True Mother spoke to the ministers about their missions as American religious leaders. She... Read more

We Are One Global Family

omahafamilythumb The American Unificationist community is large and diverse, but in every corner of the country, there is a place to gather that feels like home, especially around the holidays. In Omaha Nebraska, a small but warm... Read more

Cranes Club Brings Hope to Young Professionals

cranesclubthumbday2 The inaugural Cranes Club Conference wrapped up on Sunday, December 21, 2014 with the Christmas celebration in Las Vegas. As a young and blooming organization, the Cranes Club initiated with a focus on networking... Read more

True Mother Inaugurates the Cranes Club

cranesclubthumbtm True Mother warmly greeted the young men and women attending the inaugural Cranes Club Conference, currently being held in Las Vegas between December 19 and 21. See the photo gallery and read about True Mother's message... Read more

True Mother: From the Heart of American Members

truemotherbookthumb A new collection of personal experiences and insights about True Mother is now available and compiled in this book, "True Mother: From the Heart of American Members." These stories are offered to help us connect with... Read more

Blogging the Journey of Faith

leavinglindathumb Bob, a Unificationist living in California, shares the message of True Parents by cultivating an audience online. His blog, Leavinglinda.com, shares deeply personal stories of his own journey of faith, as well as... Read more