Creating a Space for Family

7ddpwsday1 Day two of the 7-Day Divine Principle (DP) Workshop in Las Vegas, Nevada was a balanced mix of study of DP, application of these principles to life and sharing that application with the group. Several... Read more

Las Vegas, IPEC Ready to Welcome True Parents

ipeclvupthumb Dr. Ki Hoon Kim shares a message from the International Peace Education Center, to which the American Unification family has successfully completed the goal of donating 3 million dollars! In doing so we have... Read more

Navigating Modern Times

dpl52215 Today in the 21st century, the boom in technology has increased our speed of living, expanded our connectivity, altered the way we relate and heightened the standards of what we expect. We’re well aware of... Read more

Grads-to-be Testify to their Interfaith Seminary

uts43 It was an afternoon of tears and tributes as some of the class of 2015 gathered at the Unification Theological Seminary (UTS) extension at 4 West 43rd St. in New York to recall the unforgettable high points of... Read more

Welcome to America, True Mother!

egspringtp2 After much anticipation, the American Unification family finally welcomes True Mother back to the United States this weekend after her European tour, to celebrate and reconnect with her, hear her message and... Read more

Cranes Club Develops on East Coast

craneseast On Saturday, May 23, 2015, the Cranes Club held a luncheon at the Double Tree Hotel near East Garden, and it was a great success! They had exactly 40 Cranes come from from New York, New Jersey, Canada,... Read more

The Root, Vision and Heart of IPEC

dpworkshopkickoff Over 100 participants from all over America gathered for orientation at the International Peace Education Center (IPEC) to kick off the 7-Day Divine Principle Workshop in Las... Read more

UTS Alum at Center of Nepal Quake

nepalupdate52115 The following report is from Dr. Robert Kittel, UTS ’93, who was in Kathmandu on April 25 and whose wife remains there. Dr. Kittel is temporarily visiting the United States and serves as the Universal Peace... Read more