Your Weekly Update

Web_con_WU_6-3-15 Every Friday the National Ministry Team complies stories and important upcoming events in a quick weekly update video. Here is what we cover this... Read more

WestRock Hosts Blessing Workshop

bfm62815 This past weekend, June 27 and 28, the WestRock Family Church community held its annual Level 1 Blessing Workshop at the local parsonage. Although it was small, they had participants from New York City,... Read more

UPF-USA Partners in Peace

text edit stamps2015 Universal Peace Federation-USA made strides in May bringing together communities of like-minded people from Malaysia, New York, Korea, Virginia and Seattle to discuss partnerships towards peace and to give... Read more

USA Celebrates the Holy Marriage Blessing

blessing62715 On Saturday, June 27, couples across the United States celebrated their existing marriage or dedicated their new relationship at the Holy Marriage Blessing Ceremony. Churches and event halls were decorated as... Read more

Declaring God’s Blessing

junetwihwk5 This week in history, the Washington Declaration is made, 2,075 couples receive the Holy Marriage Blessing, the Declaration of God’s Eternal Blessing is proclaimed, True Father holds a 23.5-hour Hoon Dok... Read more

Webinar: Creating Love in Marriage

webinar63015 This Marriage Enrichment Webinar presented by David Young will explore why our emotions often stop us from creating the joy and connection we seek in marriage. David offers practical tools to create the loving... Read more

One World, One Road

peaceroadupdate629 In the Spirit of Rev. Sun Myung Moon’s vision to unite the world, Peace Road events are taking place in 120 countries. From as far as the South African Cape of Good Hope to Santiago in Chile, participants... Read more